ATCSim Innovation Center

Established and operated by UFA’s wholly owned German subsidiary ATCSim GmbH, the ATCSim Innovation Center offers UFA’s state-of-the-art Air Traffic Control (ATC) Tower, Radar and Airside Driving simulation technology for training, research and development. The Innovation Center is located in the city of Kaufbeuren, an hour driving distance from Munich Airport.

With 350 square meters of space, the ATCSim Innovation Center is fully equipped with offices, classrooms, and a conference room, making it a viable alternative for those training organizations that might not want to invest in their own in-house facility or have special simulation or training needs. An ATTower® powered ATC Tower Simulator utilizing out of the window ATView® 3D visuals forms the core of the simulator installations. A multi-position ATCoach® Radar Simulator can be operated independently or interconnected with ATTower for providing Gate-to-Gate simulations. UFA’s Airside Driving Simulator ATVehicle® can also be operated interconnected with ATTower for team emergency incident training or run standalone for gathering airside driving experience and safety instruction.

The ATCSim Innovation Center is easily accessible via air, car, and rail. The Bavarian Allgäu area offers customers a variety of accommodations and the four-season recreational activities

Our staff has extensive ATC and Aviation experience in the roles of Controllers, Technicians, Trainers, Engineers, Pilots, and Managers. Full support of training, research and development requirements can be provided by our staff in conjunction with turnkey use of the ATCSim Innovation Center.